MSFT_PPT_2019L1: Microsoft PowerPoint 2019/2016 Part 1: Foundations

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About this Course

Microsoft® PowerPoint® can take any presentation from average to extraordinary. Students taking this level 1 PowerPoint course will open and run a presentation and switch between views. They’ll create a basic presentation and add content; arrange, insert, and delete slides; and apply templates and design themes. Then, they’ll learn how to create and edit shapes, insert and modify WordArt objects and pictures, and work with tables, charts, and diagrams. Finally, they’ll learn how to proof a presentation, create speaker notes, and present and share their presentations.

Audience Profile

Microsoft PowerPoint can take any presentation from average to extraordinary. Students taking the Basic PowerPoint course will be instructed on the most efficient ways to create presentations, insert graphical objects, and prepare presentations for delivery.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will know how to:

  • Identify components of the PowerPoint interface, open and run a presentation, switch between views, and control the magnification level
  • Create a basic presentation and add content, arrange, insert and delete slides, and apply templates and design themes
  • Format text and lists, apply font styles, copy formatting, and control alignment and spacing of content on a slide
  • Create and edit shapes, apply shape styles, duplicate and move shapes, resize, rotate and align shapes, and apply content to shapes
  • Insert and modify WordArt objects, insert and edit pictures, arrange overlapping items and group items
  • Create and modify tables, apply styles to tables, insert images into tables, create and modify charts, and use SmartArt to create diagrams
  • Proof a presentation for errors; prepare and preview a presentation, hide slides; create speaker notes, use Presenter view, prepare a presentation for printing and print notes, handouts and the presentation outline


Lesson 1. Getting started  

  • Navigate the PowerPoint environment
  • View and navigate a presentation
  • Create and save a PowerPoint presentation
  • Use PowerPoint help

Lesson 2. Developing a PowerPoint Presentation  

  • Select a presentation type
  • Edit text
  • Build a presentation

Lesson 3. Performing advanced text editing operations 

  • Format characters
  • Format paragraphs
  • Format text boxes

Lesson 4. Adding graphical elements to your presentation  

  • Insert images
  • Insert shapes

Lesson 5. Modifying objects in your presentation 

  • Edit objects
  • Format objects
  • Group objects
  • Arrange objects
  • Animate objects

Lesson 6. Adding tables to your presentation  

  • Create a table
  • Format a table
  • Insert a table from other Microsoft Office applications

Lesson 7. Adding charts to your presentation  

  • Create a chart
  • Format a chart
  • Insert a chart from Microsoft Excel

Lesson 8. Preparing to deliver your presentation  

  • Review your presentation
  • Apply transitions
  • Print your presentation
  • Deliver your presentation


Students taking this course should be familiar with personal computers and the use of a keyboard and a mouse.