Frequently Asked Questions about the Epic Affiliate Program.

Who is eligible to become an Epic Affiliate?
Any organization that facilitates IT training can benefit from the Epic Affiliate Program, including Microsoft Learning Partners, Microsoft System Integrators, other partners in the Microsoft Partner Network, vendor training companies (looking to broaden their offerings) and many others.

What are the costs or obligations of an Affiliate?
There are no costs or obligations for an Epic Affiliate.

What is the class pricing structure for an Epic Affiliate?
Epic Affiliates receive discount pricing for all classes on the Epic Calendar. The discount varies depending on the type of class. Affiliates receive discounts as high as 60%.  Epic Affiliates may resell the class to their respective customers for whatever retail price they choose.

Can an Affiliate download the Epic Calendar and upload it the Affiliate’s website?

Who can purchase classes from the Epic website?
Only Epic Members and Epic Affiliates have access to the Epic Website calendar These are the only entities that can sell into the Epic Calendar.  Public customers cannot purchase training from the Epic website.

Can an Affiliate post Affiliate delivered classes to the Epic website?
No. Only Epic Members can post classes to the Epic Calendar.

Who delivers Epic classes?
All classes on the Epic Calendar are delivered by an Epic Member.  The delivering Member is shown for each specific class date.

How does an Affiliate purchase a class?
Once you become an affiliate member you can purchase classes through the Epic website by submitting  a Registration Request. The Registration Request is submitted to the delivering Member for processing. All classes must be paid by credit card at the time of registration..

Can an Affiliate’s student attend a class in person?
Any student can attend a class in person at the Member location where the class is delivered.