About Us

Epic Learning Network is an association or network of independently owned IT training companies. Each Epic Member operates the premier IT training facility in its market. The mission of Epic is to provide a collaborative framework for similar training companies to thrive in the rapidly changing IT training marketplace. Epic encourages active Member participation in meetings and programs and looks to increase innovations in the marketplace by providing financial and market support as Members seek to support and learn from the unique offerings and practices of other Members. One of the pillars of this framework is the consolidated Epic Calendar which enables each Member to offer its customers a broader and deeper public training schedule.

The Members of Epic are:


Epic Learning Network:

Epic has the most complete blend of subject matter choice and training delivery expertise available in the market.  Epic offers a robust schedule of comprehensive topics covering systems engineering, network management, software development, desktop applications, professional development and more.

Through its offerings, Epic supports the client in the process of constant change, providing companies and individuals with timely and accurate information during their adaptation to new and updated technology.  Training through Epic also provides solutions to assist clients in gaining the knowledge required to modify technology to their competitive advantage.

In addition to the complete listing of conveniently scheduled courses on the Epic web site, by special request classes can be customized to meet the exact needs of the client thereby providing the highest return on investment by empowering employees to manage the technology investment through best practices and deep understanding of the technology.

The Value of Epic:

Epic achieves comprehensive success by combining the most qualified trainers and training consultants with a full offering of business subject matter.  For technical classes Epic represents Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Red Hat and others.  For those who desire training in these technologies there is no better institution to align with than Epic.

Epic provides other essential business practices such as leadership, communications, business analysis, technical and business writing along with a comprehensive list of additional professional development courses.  Being able to master technology and communicate to others about its value and benefit is a key to Epic training success.


Epic Members have provided clients with comprehensive and successful learning experiences since the dawn of the network and the arrival of the desktop on the market.   Each founder brings commitment to quality, dedication to successful client experiences and will always be presenting the most up to date information as soon as it’s released to the market.