ADB_UX_0L1: UX Prototyping with Adobe XD

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About this Course

This course is designed to introduce UX design concepts while learning the Adobe XD application. Learn how to use Adobe XD to design, prototype, and share your web and mobile app designs. The UX (User Experience) design workflow can be optimized by using this Adobe prototyping tool. Through class discussion, presented examples and hands-on tutorials students will be introduced to the planning and design processes used in the development of a UX project.

Audience Profile

Anyone new to UX design who is responsible for creating and presenting new web or mobile product designs will find this class indispensable. Current web and graphic designers who want to improve their interactive prototyping skills.

At Course Completion

  • What is the UX design and the development process
  • How does Adobe XD fit into the development process
  • Getting to familiar with the XD workspace
  • Setting up your XD project
  • Creating graphics for the project with XD drawing tools
  • Working with images and text
  • Organizing content with layers, groups and precision positioning
  • Using the assets panel and CC libraries
  • Using effects and grids
  • Creating an interactive prototype
  • Sharing your prototype
  • Preparing and sharing design specs


Lesson 1:  What is UX and why we need it

Who needs UX design? Why a good UI isn't enough? How to plan and manage a new UX project.


Lesson 2: Introducing Adobe XD

What is UX and how does Adobe XD fit into the design process. Get familiar with the XD workspace.


Lesson 3: Creating Graphics

Create and edit shapes. Using fills and borders. Using pen tolls. Working with UI kits.


Lesson 4: Adding Images and Text

Importing and transforming images. Bringing in content from other applications. Masking content. Adding and formatting text.


Lesson 5: Organizing Content

Working with layers. Arranging, grouping and aligning content. Positioning objects precisely.


Lesson 6: Working with Assets and CC Libraries

Understanding the assets panel. Adding and saving colors and styles. Using symbols. Working with Creative Cloud Libraries.


Lesson 7: Using Effects and Grids

Understanding effects and how edit them. Work with gradients and transparency. The power of repeating grids.


Lesson 8: Prototyping

Understanding Prototyping. XD Prototyping mode vs. Design mode. Setting a home screen. Linking content. Previewing locally on a device. Recording prototype interactions.


Lesson 9: Sharing Your Prototype

Different sharing methods. Updating a shared prototype. Commenting on a shared prototype. Managing shared prototypes.


Lesson 10: Sharing Design Specs and Exporting

Share design specs. Update design specs. Export assets.


Before taking this course, students should be familiar with the basic functions of their computer's operating system such as creating folders, launching programs and working with windows. Students should also have basic Windows application skills such as copying and pasting objects, formatting text, and saving files.