WRDL1: Microsoft Word – Level 1 / Intro (2010, 2013, 2016)

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About this Course

Course Description
After taking this course, you will be able to create, format and edit basic documents, and do basic functions like printing and spell checking.

A working knowledge of and familiarity with Windows.

Create, Open and Save Documents
What is Word?
Create a New Blank Document
Create a Document From a Template
Open Word Files
Get Help
Save Documents
Navigate a Word Document
Add, Select and Delete Text

Explore the User Interface
Office Button
Backstage View
Ribbon Overview
Mini Toolbar
Status Bar
Shortcut Key Tips
Contextual Tabs

Format Text and Paragraphs
Use the Home Ribbon to Format Font and Paragraphs
Format with the Mini-Toolbar
Font and Paragraph dialog boxes
Use the Quick Style Gallery
Use Basic Bullets and Numbering
Add Borders and Shading
Set Tabs and Use the Ruler

Using Cut, Copy, Paste
Use the Office Clipboard
Find, Replace and Go To
Use the Format Painter
Check Spelling and Grammar

Printing and Viewing Your Document
Use the View Ribbon Commands
Show/Hide Markings
Use the Page Set-Up Group and Dialog Box
Print Preview and Print Options
Print Panel

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Show/Hide the Ribbon

Audience Profile

At Course Completion