PBIE16RB: Data Analysis using Excel 2016 – Level 1 – Report Builders

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About this Course

This is the first course in TLG Learning’s exclusive Data Analysis using Excel 2016 series. This course lays the foundation for Power BI Report Builder using Excel.  Report Builders will learn everything they need to create highly effective PivotTable and PivotChart reports using data sources that are created using Excel. Topics covered include an overview of the PowerPivot add-in, creating effective and professional reports, creating data driven narratives, effectively applying different chart styles, using data hierarchies, and creating simple custom data calculations.

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Lesson 1 : Introducing Power BI for Excel

  • What Is Power BI for Excel?
  • Power BI Key Features
  • The Self-Service BI Model
  • Power BI in Excel
  • PowerPivot Add-In
  • Using Power BI

Lesson 2 : Defining a Report

  • What is a PowerPivot Report?
  • Defining a Report
  • Data-Driven Storytelling

Lesson 3 : Understanding PowerPivot Data

  • Understanding Data Terminology
  • Tables
  • Relationships
  • Diagnosing Data Models
  • Data Model Schemas

Lesson 4 : Create Reports using PowerPivot Data

  • Making Changes to PowerPivot Data
  • Creating PowerPivot PivotTables
  • Creating PowerPivot PivotCharts
  • Creating Slicers
  • Graphing Data

Lesson 5 : Understanding PowerPivot Functions

  • Calculated Columns
  • What is DAX?
  • Understanding DAX Functions
  • Common DAX Functions
  • Dates and Date Functions


Excel level 1, PivotTable & Pivot Chart skills; plus a basic understanding of database concepts is useful, but not required.