MSFT_PLANNER: Microsoft Planner Essentials

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About this Course

Microsoft Planner helps facilitate teamwork through the organization and tracking of tasks. The Microsoft Planner Essentials class is a thorough introduction to this Office 365 application.  As a result, students will be able to access and navigate Planner, create plans, assign and track task activity, and collaborate with team members.

Audience Profile

  • Individuals that wish to manage projects through the creation of plans and tasks
  • Individuals that are delegated tasks as part of a team, group, or project

At Course Completion

Students will understand how to:

  • Access and navigate the Planner application within the Office 365® environment
  • Create, edit, and manage plans
  • Add team members to established plans
  • Create, edit, assign and reassign tasks of a plan
  • Analyze and report plan progress
  • Attach important documents to the plan for convenient access
  • Collaborate with team members using Planner and other Office 365 applications and features


Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – What is Microsoft Planner?

Chapter 3 – Plans

Chapter 4 – Tasks

Chapter 5 – Charts

Chapter 6 – Managing a Plan

Lesson Lab


  • Students should be familiar with using an internet browser
  • Students should be familiar with the Office 365 environment through the use of either Outlook (Mail), SharePoint, OneNote, or other applications