C)SWAE: Certified Secure Web Application Engineer

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About this Course

Organizations and governments fall victim to internet based attacks every day. In many cases, web attacks could be thwarted but hackers, organized criminal gangs, and foreign agents are able to exploit weaknesses in web applications. The Secure Web programmer knows how to identify, mitigate and defend against all attacks through designing and building systems that are resistant to failure. The secure web application developer knows how to develop web applications that aren’t subject to common vulnerabilities, and how to test and validate that their applications are secure, reliable and resistant to attack. The vendor neutral Certified Secure Web Application Engineer certification provides the developer with a thorough and broad understanding of secure application concepts, principles and standards. The student will be able to design, develop and test web applications that will provide reliable web services that meet functional business requirements and satisfy compliance and assurance needs.
The Certified Secure Web Application Engineer course is delivered by high level OWASP experts and students can expect to obtain real world security knowledge that enables them to recognize vulnerabilities, exploit system weaknesses and help safeguard against application threats.

Mile2 Accreditations:

  1. Accredited by the NSA CNSS 4011-4016
  2. Is approved and has been placed on Homeland Security’s National Initiative for Cyber Security Careers and Studies (NICCS) training providers and maps to the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework
  3. Preferred cyber certification for the FBI

Audience Profile

Web Application Engineers
IS Managers
Application Engineers

At Course Completion

Upon completion, Certified Secure Web Application Engineer students will be able to establish industry acceptable auditing standards with current best practices and policies. Students will also be prepared to competently take the C)SWAE exam



Module 1: Web Application Security
Module 2: OWASP TOP 10
Module 3: Threat Modeling & Risk Management
Module 4: Application Mapping
Module 5: Authentication and Authorisation attacks
Module 6: Session Management attacks
Module 7: Application Logic attacks
Module 8: Data Validation
Module 9: AJAX attacks
Module 10: Code Review and Security Testing
Module 11: Web Application Penetration Testing
Module 12: Secure SDLC
Module 13: Cryptography


Module 1: Environment Setup and Architecture
Module 2: OWASP TOP 10 2013
Module 3: Threat Modeling
Module 4: Application Mapping & Analysis
Module 5: Authentication and Authorization attacks
Module 6: Session Management attacks
Module 9: AJAX Security
Module 10: Code Review and Security Testing
Lab 10-1: Code Review
Lab 10-2: Security Test Scripts
Lab 10-3: Writing Java Secure Code
Annex 11: Alternative Labs
Lab 11-1: WebGoat & Webscarab
Lab 11-2: WebGoat - Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Lab 11-3: Missing Function Level Access Control
Lab 11-4: Perform Forced Browsing Attacks


A minimum of 24 months’ experience in software technologies & security
Sound knowledge of networking
At least one coding Language
Linux understanding
Open shell