ADB_PSCCL2: Adobe Photoshop CC Level 2

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About this Course

You have familiarized yourself with the basic image editing tools of Adobe® Photoshop®. In this course, you’ll work with the more advanced tools and features available in this advanced version of Photoshop. You will enhance your ability to create accurate masks and image effects, learn the use of the vector tools, automate repetitive tasks, work with 3D objects, and prepare files for both print and web.

Audience Profile

​This course is intended for intermediate and advanced users of Photoshop and is an indispensable tool for anyone responsible for the production of print and web graphics.

At Course Completion

​Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Using the drawing tools to create and edit vector shapes and paths
  • Using Shape layers
  • Import Adobe Illustrator files
  • Layer management
  • Create Layer Comps
  • Record and play back actions
  • Align images precisely
  • Advanced color effects and filters
  • Create a panorama from multiple images
  • Using the mixer brush to create painting effects
  • Prepare images for the web
  • Working with camera raw files
  • Edit video in Photoshop


Lesson 1:  Typographic Design

  • About Type
  • Creating a Clipping Mask from Type
  • Creating Type on a Path
  • Warping Point Type
  • Designing Paragraphs of Type

Lesson 2: Vector Drawing Techniques

  • About Bitmap Images and Vector Graphs
  • About Paths and the Pen Tool
  • Using Paths with Artwork
  • Creating Vector Objects for the Background
  • Working with Defined Custom Shapes
  • Importing a Smart Object

Lesson 3: Advanced Compositing

  • Assembling a Montage of Images
  • Applying and editing Smart Filters
  • Hand-Coloring Selections on a Layer
  • Adding Drop Shadows and a Border
  • Using the history panel and history brush
  • Upscale an image for larger prints

Lesson 4: Working with Camera Raw

  • Introduction to Camera Raw
  • Processing in Camera Raw
  • Adjusting the white balance, tone, sharpness and noise levels
  • Using the healing brush
  • Adjust skin tone and appearance

Lesson 5: Preparing Files for the Web

  • Using layer groups to create button graphics
  • Creating actions to automate a multistep task
  • Saving assets with Adobe Generator

Lesson 6: Intro to Video Editing in Photoshop

  • Creating a video timeline
  • Add motion to still images
  • Transitions between clips
  • Use keyframes to add type and effects


​Before taking this course, students should have taken the Adobe® Photoshop® Level 1 course or have equivalent knowledge.